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Minerals™ – Enamel Booster

Strengthen and protect your enamel so your beautiful smile will last a lifetime. Minerals™ is Beaming White’s Enamel Booster. It strengthens the enamel by replenishing key minerals that our teeth lose over time and especially during teeth whitening treatments. Hence, it is highly recommended that people remineralize their teeth a few times a year, especially after a teeth whitening treatment.

Minerals™ remineralizing gel is also perfect for people with sensitive teeth, since the remineralization process also desensitizes the teeth, and we have one ingredient, potassium nitrate, which is specifically used for reducing tooth sensitivity. The product comes in a convenient pen with an integrated brush to easily apply it to the teeth anytime, anywhere. The gel consists of fluoride, potassium nitrate, and calcium phosphate.

We didn’t mean to make it taste so good, so remember that it’s not candy. It’s just good for your teeth 🙂