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Teeth Whitening Pricing

All levels of treatments can be followed up with either a take-home kit or whitening pen, which further enhances results, if desired.

We recommend that you apply Minerals Enamel booster to re-mineralize and protect tooth enamel after any whitening treatment. Contact us today and learn more about our teeth whitening pricing.


  • Silver Package
  • $99

  • teeth whitening package
  • Double Treatment: With a double treatment, the whitening gel is applied to the teeth two times, and you’ll tramadol spend 30 minutes under the lamp. Many people see excellent results with the double treatment. It just depends on your degree of staining and how receptive your enamel is to the whitening.

  • Gold Package
  • $119
  • teeth whitening package
  • Triple Treatment: With the triple treatment, the whitening gel is applied three times and you’ll spend 45 minutes under the lamp. This provides dramatic results and is the best value for those who have stained teeth and are seeking maximum results with this type of teeth whitening treatment.

Take Home Products

teeth whitening pen


Forever White™ Teeth Whitening Pen

  • For after chair-side teeth whitening treatments
  • Strongest gel available for home use
  • 36% carbamide peroxide gel
teeth whitening product


Replaces store-bought toothpastes

  • 2-4 month supply
  • Safe for daily Use
  • Clinically Proven, Dentist Recommended
teeth whitening product


We are an effective and affordable teeth whitening center that offers in-chair treatments as well as dental grade take home products. Dr. Zhitar is committed to helping his patients get the smile they always wanted without the hassle and high costs of a visit to the dentist. Say goodbye to sensitive strips, trays, and expensive treatments forever!

$99 Spring Special! “Choose either a 45 minute or 60 minute teeth whitening treatment for the price of a 30 minute treatment!”

(a savings of $39)

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