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One of the main questions we get at our clinic is “what makes you guys different than the whitening treatments at the dentist?”  As we all know, a dentist knows more about teeth and actually teeth whitening than any other provider and for good reason…they are the professionals when it comes to oral care, period.  We would be giving false information if we were to lead you to believe that we are better than your dentist at teeth whitening so that is the last thing you will hear coming from us.  Visiting the dentist and having routine check-ups is the most pivotal part of having a great smile and great oral health.

Dentists typically offer two types of teeth whitening, in-office treatments and custom molded take home trays.  Both are very effective but both are also very expensive at the same time.

Typically, an in-office treatment session at a local dentist in Hampton Roads cost between $295-$500 for one hour!  These treatments use the exact same gels we use and depending on percentages, and can be unnecessarily sensitive to the teeth and gums. Over the last few years, more and more dentist are leaning towards using the 16% hydrogen peroxide that we use because of this unwanted sensitivity and great results that can be obtained with our gels.

Whitening trays are also another good product that some dentist offer but they come with some drawbacks as well.  When you decide to go with the whitening tray your dentist offers, you will have to have a custom tray made specific to you mouth then the mold has to be sent off and made which takes time.  Once you receive your trays, you will have to apply gel to them each day and wear the tray in your mouth for an hour or so for a period of weeks.  Some products even require you to wear the trays overnight.  Most patients describe wearing the trays as tiring on the mouth and jaws and sensitive due to the gel overflowing onto the gums (the same reason we do not use trays with our LED blue light treatment). These trays are very effective but they are time consuming, expensive, and awkward for most.